What To Wear For A Photoshoot Outdoors

February 4, 2022

I often have clients come to me asking what to wear to their photoshoot. Though this can depend on the type of shoot we are doing, oftentimes, my outfit tips tend to remain the same no matter what type of photoshoot we have planned.

I decided to create this blog post as a resource to include my best outfit tips for a photoshoot. Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

Family walking down the beach in Hawaii during their photoshoot outdoors.

What Not to Wear to a Photoshoot

Before we go over what to wear to a photoshoot, let’s talk about what NOT to wear. While you absolutely want to wear something that you feel beautiful and confident in, there are a few general guidelines that will help ensure you look your best and your photos turn out timeless.

Avoid Uncomfortable Clothing

Avoid clothing that you constantly have to tug at or put back into place. While that dress or shirt may look amazing, if you can’t move freely or are constantly worried about it looking just right, you will probably want to avoid wearing that clothing for your photoshoot.

Stay away from bright and vibrant colors

There are just some colors that don’t generally photograph well and, while there are always exceptions, these colors are best to be avoided. Colors like bright red, pink, or anything neon can cast weird colors on your hair and skin that can be very hard to correct during the editing process.

Avoid Large Print Patterns

Clothing with logos, brands, and large graphics won’t age well and will date your photos. If you choose to go with a patterned print, be sure to stick with small prints.

Avoid Exact Matching Clothes

Your photoshoot is the opportunity to let your unique personalities and styles shine so don’t limit everyone to wearing the exact same clothing (ie – everyone wearing jeans and a white shirt.) Your photos will be much more unique and true to you by choosing clothing that you all love.

What to wear to your outdoor photoshoot. Couple standing on the beach hugging and laughing.
Photoshoot outfit tips for what to wear. Couple kissing on the beach in Hawaii.

What to Wear to a Photoshoot

Now that we’ve covered what you should not wear to a photoshoot, let’s talk about what you should wear to an outdoor photo session. After going through the above list you may be wondering what options are left for you to choose from! Don’t worry, there are still plenty of things you can and should wear to your photoshoot!

What to wear for family pictures. Little boy smiling at the camera while posing with his family.

Choose Comfortable Clothing

First and foremost, wear something that you feel both comfortable and confident in. Not only do you want to look and feel amazing (this will also help with the way your photos turn out) but you also want to be comfortable moving around. By choosing comfortable clothing you help rid yourself of anything that is restricting or distracting and allow yourself the opportunity to simply enjoy your time at the photo session. You will be able to focus on enjoying the moment rather than thinking about if your strap has slipped off or if your shirt is coming loose, etc.

Opt for Neutral Colored Clothing

When considering the color of your clothing, lean towards warm, earthy, neutral colors as they will help create a more moody/emotional vibe. Examples of neutral-colored clothing would be white, khaki, cream, mustard yellow, deep/soft greens, navy, burgundy, jean, etc.

You may especially be wondering what colors to wear if you are planning a family photoshoot. For these types of photo sessions, I encourage families to coordinate their outfits but not match exactly. Instead of everyone wearing the exact same outfit, have everyone wear a variety of different clothing that compliments each other. Solids, flannels, stripes, lace, small floral prints. Feel free to mix up the textures and patterns for a playful/emotional vibe.

*Pro-tip: The best place to start is to choose a color palette of 2-4 colors. Oftentimes, it can be helpful to start with one item of clothing (ie – a dress or a fun pair of pants) and pull your colors from that item for everyone else to wear.

Choose Clothing with Movement

This tip may not apply to everyone, but when possible I always encourage people to choose clothing that is flowy and has movement. For example, dresses that are flowy bring beautiful, dynamic energy to images and help to capture movement.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Incorporating accessories will help add dimensions and layers to your images. You can also use your accessories as props to hold (ie – hats, jackets, flannels, etc.) Examples of some accessories to consider are hats, cardigans, jean jackets, flannels, jewelry. Just be sure to not overdo it with the accessories. Keep them simple so as not to distract from your face.

Couple standing on the beach looking into the sunset during family photoshoot.

Choosing what to wear for a photoshoot shouldn’t be stressful, but it often can be. What you wear for a photoshoot oftentimes will depend on the setting, time of year, occasion and, let’s not forget, your unique personality!

I get it! Sometimes it’s hard narrowing down your options, and other times, you may not even know where to start when it comes to choosing the best outfits for a photoshoot. I’m here to tell you that while choosing the right outfits should be a part of your preparation for your photoshoot, it shouldn’t cause you stress. This photoshoot is here to capture your family as you are today so don’t stress unnecessarily over what you wear. Show up at your best and authentic selves and let me do the rest!

I hope these tips have been helpful as you prepare for your outdoor photoshoot. If you’re ready to start planning your family photos or any other outdoor photoshoot, send me an inquiry over on my contact page!


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