Often times we get so caught up in chasing after the extraordinary moments that we straight up leave the ordinary moments in the dust. But to me, it's those ordinary moments that allow us to manifest joy - the long lasting kind of joy.

My gift to you is so much more than just taking a picture. It's about creating a feeling, an experience that you want to bottle up and keep close to your heart forever. It's about slowing down and rediscovering the value in all the little intimate details of your love.

Some of my favorite images are the ones I capture during the in-between-moments. In the art world we call these transitional moments. The moments when you're walking from here to there or taking a quick break from the events of the day. When I document your story, I'll be paying close attention to all the ordinary moments. 

documentary of timeless images

of timeless



a few of my faves

While the majority of my favorite images are the unposed moments, I'm also a sucker for a good classic image. The unposed, messy and blurry and in between images are the ones that create a feeling and allow a story to be told. While I absolutely adore these types of images, I also know that these are most likely not the ones you will hang on your wall!  The is why my galleries that I deliver will have a good mixture of both.

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