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It all started with a passion for photographing people and all the things I treasure. About 4 years into my photography journey, I set out to create a few social media templates as a time saver. I realized how much I loved the graphic design world and took a dive in.

My hope is that these designs help you save time, as well as give vessel to display your beautifully crafted artwork.

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Adeline Instagram Carousel Template

Elsinore Showit Website Template

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about the designer

photographer & designer of social media and website templates

Before my journey as a photographer, I was an oncology nurse. It was one of the most impactful times of my life. It taught me to slow down and truly cherish each fleeting moment as it passes by. Because it will do just that...pass by before you even knew it was there. It taught me to be vulnerable. It taught me that it's ok to just sit in silence when words don't seem like enough. It taught me that people just want your honesty more than anything. They want to see you for who you really are. Transparent, awkward, vulnerable, and fearless.  

My purpose was once to help people let go of the life they lived. But now, I believe my purpose is to help people hold on to the life they are living.

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