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There is a point of vulnerability that strengthens the mind and soul.

Before my journey as a photographer, I was an oncology nurse. It was one of the most impactful times of my life. It taught me to slow down and truly cherish each fleeting moment as it passes by. Because it will do just that...pass by before you even knew it was there. It taught me to be vulnerable. It taught me that it's ok to just sit in silence when words don't seem like enough. It taught me that people just want your honesty more than anything. They want to see you for who you really are. Transparent, awkward, vulnerable, and fearless.  

My purpose was once to help people let go of the life they lived. But now, I believe my purpose is to help people hold on to the life they are living.

there is a point of

that strengthens the mind and soul


Home is where the pines sway to the rhythm of the wind. Where warmth is felt near the crackling of logs on a bitter cold winter night.

Home is where the glow of flames carries the sound of voices closer to the break of dawn. Where time ceases to exist.

Home is where my heart feels comfort. Where peace is found in the solitude of the wilderness.

Home is in a place I'm not, yet anywhere I want it to be.

There's something so pure about embarking on a new adventure and exploring all the cracks and crevices of Mother Earth's beauty.

On any given weekend you can bet I'm ridin' roads with my hubby, shotgun in Jeepy, doors off, hanging halfway out the side, snapping pics...the kind of pics framed with a white line at the bottom and blurred out roadside weeds.  

My love for the mountains really got started when I moved away from home (Louisiana). I used to be a beach gal through and through, but once I moved to the west coast the mountains stole my heart. There's something about the smell of fresh pines and watching the last bits of snow melt on the mountain tops as spring comes to an end.

a few of my fave places

I grew up in Louisiana where "hurricanes" was a season. I would've thought I'd grown to despise the beasts, but it turns out I yearn for thunder and rainfall on a tin roof. Rainstorms bring me back home, to a place of safety and comfort, no matter where I am in the world.

As for Sundays...well, it's a time to curl up under a minimum of my three favorite blankets with a book in hand. 

i live for rainy days and sundays

I'm convinced my forte is canceled plans and rain. It's a gracious reminder that there is freedom found in letting go of perfection. Think back on a day that holds a special place in your heart. Did everything happen exactly as it was planned? Most likely not. I'd be willing to bet it was a day you were forced to P-I-V-O-T! To roll with the punches and embracing the process.  

I thrive on unexpected rain showers, laughter and the beauty of chaos

Long plane rides, late night talks on the porch about life, and the warmth of embers burning into the silent of night always reminds me that my journey on earth is about pursuing passion down every unpaved path life takes me down. My passion is inspiring others, fostering connections, and guiding people to see the value in being shamelessly +

I want my time on earth to live on. My wish for you is the same.

shamelessly & unapologetically you

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