Chapter 2: Falling

November 3, 2022

Chapter 2 || Falling

When he left, time sure did feel like a tease. 

You wished for the leaves to change colors, yet you knew you must learn to love each season for what it brings. 

You trusted yourself during the fall, knowing you’d catch yourself just in time. 

You stuck to your promise of no countdowns, pushing through one moment at a time. 

You immersed yourself into the beauty of the present, not falling into the trap of longing for the beauty of the future. 

Every day you were reminded of all the little things that you miss, but you gracefully fell into your own routine. 

You did things in your own time. You didn’t compare another’s journey to your own. 

Now, the season is coming to an end. The colors have come and gone, and soon you’ll be falling again. 

But this time you’ll fall back into his arms. 



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